Monday, 18 January 2016

In which I make ALL of the sweatshirts

Ok. I think I have a Linden problem. I have made more, sorry. But these ones are fab and I'm so pleased with how they've turned out. Exactly as planned, yay!

I got some gorgeous Liberty terry sweatshirting when I was in Glasgow just before Christmas (I love Mandors fabric. I can't tell you how much I wish we had a shop like that in Northampton!), and I had to have it. I had in mind that it would look good with grey sleeve/accents, but damn if it wasn't impossibly hard to get a matching fabric! It turns out it's not so much grey as one of those greys that are freaking magical colours that match nothing else. I have bought a LOT of grey sweatshirting online this week trying to find a match (I'm going to have to make some trackpants or something with all the failed match fabric). But eventually I got one that is a pretty close match - it's not perfect, if I'm entirely honest, but whatevs. Close enough. I got 2 metres of the Liberty, so I actually have lots left after making this - thoughts on what to do with the remainder?? 

I ended up going down another size in this jumper, plus I took off an inch in body length, and cut 2 inches off the arm pieces (stumpy arm alert) - I think it helps a lot. So I'm down to a size 6 in this pattern now, and I started out with a 10 (based on boob size). I think because I would normally do an FBA on a fitted pattern, with a boxy knit pattern like this, I probably should go with my upper bust measurement, rather than full bust? Dunno, but the smaller size makes a nicer jumper I think. Less hermit looking, more 'functional person capable of leaving the house and not scaring people'. Just the look I was hoping for!  

(I even went bravely outside into the snow this morning (our first all winter!) to take pics. I felt a bit of an arse, to be honest, but I'm trying to work on my posing skills. As you can see, those still need quite a bit of work!)

The sensible you-can-actually-see-the-garment pic

The second jumper I had in mind was something a bit dressier. I realise that sounds oxymoronic when we're talking sweatshirts, but my sister-in-law always has these cute, slightly dressy sweaters that just fancy-up a pair of jeans. So I spotted this lovely floral ponte on Girl Charlee and got some matching black for the sleeves hoping to replicate the look. (Ponte de roma is funny, isn't it? The label seems to cover a massive range of fabrics that seem completely different. This "ponte" is quite slinky and thin, and the black has almost got a sheen to it. In this case it's totally fine because that works perfectly with the sweater style I had in mind, but if I'd bought it for something like a Moneta, I'm not sure it would have worked? It's gorgeous fabric, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't have the heft that I expect from a ponte normally).

Anyhoo: here is my new fave fancy Linden!

Leanin' on the lamp-post at the bottom of my garden...I totally slipped and almost fell on my arse in the snow seconds after this was taken.
I wore this out for Sunday lunch yesterday and it was cute and cosy without looking like I was wearing a moomoo. Yay! Whereas I did something slightly weird with the neckband on the Liberty Linden (I don't think the grey had enough stretch, so I cut a bigger size and now it's quite a wide neckline), this version turned out perfectly. I'm so pleased. All knocked up on my beloved Elna overlocker, of course. 
I really must learn to stand so that I don't look like I have massive love handles. I don't. Small ones, maybe, but not as big as they look here. 
I think that will be quite enough Lindens for a while. Although I met with the lovely Charlotte of An English Girl at Home this week, and she was wearing a gorgeous Linden that she'd made into a dress. Sweater-dress cuteness!! So maybe I'll have one more before I'm done (ooh, I wonder if I have enough of the Liberty to make a Linden dress...?). This really is a lovely pattern. All the love for all my sweatshirts!

Now, it's freezing...let's get out of here! 


  1. Love them & well done for braving the snow! I managed my dress out of 1 metre of Liberty fabric so hopefully you'll have enough left. Or have a look at the Zircon pattern by Paprika Patterns, which includes a dress option

  2. Ooh, great suggestion, thank you (and thanks for the lovely comment!)!! Being short has finally come into its own with sewing - dresses in 1m of fabric! Yay!