Friday 1 July 2016

Crazy Carrie

I told you I loved this pattern. So much so, that I've made another pair already! These might very well win the prize for the loudest garment I've made...the Hello Kitty dress is probably brighter overall, but these just feel crazy-bright! ALL THE COLOURS! 

Here I am doing my best 'Lisa' pose. It felt as awkward as it looks. 

This is my second pair of Carrie trousers from Sew Over It's online trouser course. I totally copied Lisa's fabric in the online tutorial videos (although I actually got it at Minerva and it was a bit cheaper - they call it viscose challis, but it feels like a crepe to me). It looks like a black base in these pics, but it is actually navy. I'm throwing caution to the wind and wearing black with it anyway. RENEGADE! 

Um, so. What else to say. I used the correct size of elastic and lighter-weight interfacing, so all is well in the waist-band department. I cut these the same size as the original ones, but tried them on before putting the waistband on and decided they did need to come in a bit. So I took them in about 3/8" each side and inner seam. So I guess that means I probably should have cut an 8? Wonder if I'd fit an 8 in the waist? I definitely don't based on the measurements. But the fit on these is less baggy (while still being the drapey style that is intended) so I'm happier I think. 

Mm gin.
The colours are a bit shit in the posy photos, so I'm including a 'reclined-drinking-gin-in-the-sunny-conservatory-on-a-Friday-arvo' pic too - it shows the intensity of the lime and coral colours more clearly! Get your sunnies on! (it's totally started raining since I took that. Sigh). Please excuse the terrible top I'm wearing too. I need to make some plain basic tops - that's next on my make-list! 

Mm gin. And a photobombing kitty

So, that's it really. New trouser Friday! And it's definitely gin o'clock. Enjoy your weekends folks! Hope you're making something that will bring a smile to your faces...



  1. These are funky trousers, I love them, the fit is definitely better and now I want to make some funky trousers.

    1. Thanks! I really love them too! I think sewing has really helped me to be braver with the funky fabrics! You should totally make some funky trousers ;-)

  2. Another great pair. I love the photobombing cat photo. I think you could probably get away with the 8. You could always still use the elastic length from the 12.

    1. Haha, thanks Leigh! Yes, the cat loves any chance to photobomb! I actually made yet another pair of these at the weekend, and made them in an 8 on the legs, but used the 10 waist...I think they're my fave pair yet! I'll post them soon! ;-)